refurbishment of artist house

Schleswig-Holstein, 2010-14

The Blue House in Heiligenhafen originally situated in a meadow without sea breaker was built by an artist at beginning of 20th century and is a listed building. Although its groundplan is fairly small it has a very generous atmosphere by the double height studio space with huge window and gallery to two small sleeping rooms and tile niche below.

The foundations undercut by water in the 1920s were underpinned by an injection procedure. The substructure of the floor was renewed and insulated as the walls. The big studio window was replaced with original profiling, insulation glass and invisibly integrated shutter. The exteriour was repainted with varnish common in coastal areas, for a bright blue colour the only way. Inside the newly painted off-white walls are accentuated by blue/grey wooden cladding and timber beams in a soft rusty red. The seating of the furniture partially dated mid 19th century was restored with original materials and weaving techniques. The table was sanded to match the floor. Armchair and sofa were upholstered with robust fabrics in neutral grey and black to highlight the colours of old chairs and painting. All works were executed with local firms.